How to Build a Kayak Rack

15+ DIY Ideas for How to Build a Kayak Rack (2023 Guide)

To store a kayak in the off-season you will need a space to store the kayak and a rack where you can place the kayak. You can purchase the rack from the market as well, but if you want to make it by yourself you can also try DIY to make the kayak rack at home. You can place the rack on the top of the car, in your garage area, or the basement area so making the kayak rack at home will be the best idea to save money

You just have to choose the best option according to your kayak material to make the kayak rack it is an affordable and easy method how to build a kayak rack.

You can build the kayak rack to store one kayak or can be two kayak storing racks, and sometimes more complex and harder DIY kayak racks. We will also discuss some benefits of self-made kayak racks.

Build Kayak Rack in just 15 Minutes

Benefits of Building a Kayak Rack on Its Own


Building a kayak rack by yourself will save money instead to buy the kayak rack from the market. You can save a lot of money when you design your kayak rack by yourself.

Customize Your Rack

You can customize the kayak rack as per your choice and according to the sizes of your kayaks you have. Many times when you buy a kayak rack from the market you will not get the ideal size of the rack. So, if you will create a kayak rack by yourself you have many choices to design your rack. You can create a rack according to the space where you will place the rack.

Learn Craft Skills

This is another best way to gain some skills in making the kayak rack. You will use different materials and tools to build the rack to store the kayaks. You will be able to learn some extra skills and also save money. 

Rack Size

the rack size of the kayak will depend on the size of your kayak, how long your kayak is, and its width size is? also how much space do you need to put the rack? and are you placing this rack inside or outside? these all are the factors that depend on the size of the rack if you are trying to build the rack by yourself then you can be built it easily you can customize it as per your choice and need.

This is best to build your kayak rack as per your space and you can also measure all things properly and create an ideal kayak by using DIY kayak racks. 

Rack Weight Capacity

You can also design the kayak or canoe storage rack as per your need and how much kayak and canoe you want to be stored. The size and number of the kayak and canoe will depend on the rack’s weight capacity. 

Overloading the kayak on the rack will cause an accident. You have to be very careful. You should know the capability of the rack, rack material also matters, and how much it carries the kayak weight. You also considered is your kayak weight and material can be bearable by the rack. 

Top 3 Kayak Racks for Storage

1. Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

This is the wall-mounted kayak rack. This rack is best for both inside and outside. This rack will store one kayak having a weight capacity of 125 pounds. 


  • Support arms stretch out by just 21 creeps to limit obstructions.
  • 600D nylon cushioned froth guards to forestall body harm.
  • Highlights customizable safety belts that keep the kayak safely set up.


  • If you want to place more than one rack you have to buy another rack.

2. Marine kayak storage Rack

This is another wall-mounted kayak rack. This kayak is made up of powder-coated steel. This kayak rack has storage for up to 100 pounds of weight. This kayak rack is easy to use and best for both indoors and outdoors. This rack is simple as well as pocket friendly.


  • This rack is lightweight.
  • Saves a lot of space.


  • This rack has small straps.

3. Ajillis 71 kayak storage rack

This rack is a freestanding kayak rack. This freestanding kayak/canoe load six kayaks at one time. This kayak is made up of using heavy-duty materials. This rack has wheels also that make move this rack easily from one place to another. This rack is also portable. 


  • This rack is a great choice to store more kayaks.
  • Padded arms make it comfortable to load and unload the kayak.
  • Wheels are present to move the kayak rack with its load.


  • Uneven distribution of the weight of the kayak will cause accidents or damage.

13 DIY IDEAS for How to Build a Kayak Rack

PVC DIY Kayak Rack

Pvc materials are not so expensive so, you can easily buy PVC to make the kayak Rack. This DIY is so simple and easy to create under your budget. You can easily fit 33 inches wide kayak. The materials used are glue, T-shape connectors, 1.5 inches of PVC pipe, and PVC end caps. The PVC kayak rack can be ready under your budget.

1. Freestanding DIY Kayak Rack

This kayak can be designed as a T shape. This kayak rack has the capacity to store six kayaks. This rack is designed to easily drag and put kayaks. This rack is the best choice for outdoor storing the kayak.

For starters, there is no need to drill holes in the wall to install it. Second, you’ll be able to move it about as needed, making it incredibly adaptable to various storage locations. They’re even appropriate and preferable for outdoor storage.

2. Wall-Mounted Wooden Kayak Rack

You can also use the wall-mounted rack. If you do not have enough area to store the kayak so, you can make the wall-mounted rack this is the best option if you live in an apartment and do not have space for the kayak rack. So you can build this rack for outside use.

The main benefit of a divider mount kayak rack is that they’re generally simple to set up and access and they use divider space that would somehow or another be squandered – they make ideal indoor or outside capacity arrangements.

3. Outdoor Covered Diy Canoe And Kayak Rack

The outdoor kayak or canoe rack is meant for four-season use since it has a roof to keep your kayaks from being directly exposed to rain and solar radiation. It is a somewhat more involved form, but it will allow you to save up to six kayaks or four kayaks and two kayaks.

4. Truck Bed Canoe And Kayak Rack

Here is another wooden kayak rack, however, this one is intended to fit in your truck bed. It is extraordinary for longer kayaks or kayaks and permits you to keep up with extra room under your boat for all of your other rowing security hardware. There is one more plan to assist you with amplifying the kayak extra room in your truck bed, yet this one used metal rather than PVC.

5. Kayak Rack For Garage

Here is one more wooden kayak rack plan that is intended to assist you with further developing kayak stockpiling in your carport. The casing could hypothetically be utilized to accumulate to three kayaks, yet this maker introduced racking on every one of the three levels so it very well may be utilized for his single kayak as well as fishing gear and other entertainment hardware. In the first place, screw two sheets onto the divider. Secure one more board onto the initial two ones – about ⅓ in size. Go on with another board and put on a level plane on the subsequent load-up. 

Cut 45-degree support sheets and screw them between the two shortboards. At last, screw shortboards outside to hold your kayak back from dropping out. You’ve finished the undertaking.

6. DIY Kayak Rack

This is another kayak rack for outside storage. If you have many different kayaks like versatile and simple, allow them to be simply placed under a shed or garage to store many kayaks. If you are concerned about rain or snow, you may always cover your kayaks with a tarp.

7. DIY Kayak Rack Wall Hanger

There is no requirement for a bigger installation space. You simply need a little section of your home to set up a wall-hanging Kayak rack. Each hang rack includes a cylinder twisted at various points and distances so it will frame a U-like shape to hang your boat and keep it from falling. Using washers, nuts, and 2.5-inch lag screws, screw the metal tube into the wall at the bent junction. To fortify the cylinder, you could purchase a noodle and put the cylinder through its opening. In this undertaking, the cylinder is 3/4 of an inch thick.

8. Ceiling Mounted Kayak Rack

Because they employ the upper region – where the great majority of people have extra space, but which is typically overlooked – this type of structure may be quite useful and space-efficient. A roof-mounted rack is the greatest option if you’re completely out of floor space and the dividers are already crammed.

These can be tricky to set up; proper setup needs some planning, gadgets, and a dash of DIY zeal. There’s also the problem of getting the kayak up that high, which may be a challenge even with a kayak pulley structure or a roof raise.

9. Kayak Rack For Car

The DIY PVC Kayak Roof Rack is a minimal expense choice for rooftop racks for transport As its name recommends, the undertaking incorporates all PVC pipes which are 1.5 crawls in distance across, two 90-degree road elbows, ten 90-degree elbows, four 45-degree elbows, twelve T-intersections, four covers, a PVC line of 20 feet, preliminary and concrete. Cut and imprint the parts as per the undertaking format. A proposal is to brush some wax on the lines to make them more straightforward to gather. Make sure to utilize boiling water to eliminate the wax.

10. Truck-Bed Kayak Rack

This is an illustration of a kayak rack meant to attach to the bed of a pickup truck. Also makes transporting your kayaks easier, but it also makes building a stand twice as simple because the foundation is already in place in the shape of your truck.

A high-quality DIY kayak rack can last for several years.

11. Pick Up Truck Rack

It can occupy a ton of room to store a kayak in your truck. It may not have the option to be put away in your truck because of its enormous size. To this end making a DIY kayak rack for your truck can be smart! No compelling reason to let loose additional room for it any longer. 

12. Trailer Kayak Rack

You should think about building the DIY kayak trailer from Hiking Earth if you frequently travel with kayaks. The DIY storage stand is built to live on wheels so you can take off with the kayaks at a short notice, unlike a typical DIY kayak stand that would let you keep the kayaks in the home’s yard and in the garage. The only way to ensure you’ll never again struggle to fit the kayaks on the roof of the car is to put in a little bit more work & spend a little bit more money. 

13. Nomadic Kayak Rack

This moniker “nomadic kayak stands” refers to the fact that this choice is the most portable. Even the fact that this little kayak stand from Microchip is able to lift up kayaks at all is incredible, but that’s simply gravity. While two supports per kayak are required, the setup is still simple.

Tools You Need to Create a Kayak Rack

  1. Hammer
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Drill Machine
  4. Framing Square
  5. Safety Gloves
  6. Safety Glasses
  7. Miter saw
  8. Screwdriver
  9. Sender
  10. Wood Glue
  11. Satin/Paint
  12. PVC Pipe
  13. PVC T shape Pipe
  14. DriftWood
  15. Cutter 


1. Who Might Want To Build Their Own Kayak Storage Rack?

A DIY kayak capacity rack can be an incredible stockpiling answer for somebody with a lot of kayaks or a huge carport who would rather not burn through cash on monetarily delivered racks.

2. How long Does It Take?

The time it takes to fabricate a kayak rack relies upon what sort of rack you are building and the number of kayaks you intend to store.

3. How should a kayak rack be angled?

The stern of the kayak has to be angled out and away from the kayak in order to keep the kayak from sliding off the roof after you put the bow upward and let it go. Although a full 45-degree angle is not essential, it is recommended that you transport the kayak at least 30 ° away from the car for safety.

4. Do you require a particular kayak rack?

The kayak may be securely affixed to a roof rack and driven around in that manner. Most majority of car racks are ideal for carrying the kayak since they are simple, sturdy, or can sustain its weight if they are mounted to the rooftop of the car.

5. How Can You Build A PVC Kayak Stand?

For the construction of this kayak stand, PVC glue, primer, T fittings, a PVC elbow with a 90º bend, PVC tubing, and others are needed. These PVC pipes are connected by joining the elbows & fittings with glue. After priming it, lean the PVC stand up against the wall.

6. What kayak rack is the most user-friendly?

Due to the inclusion of all required straps and hardware, this foam roof racks pad is the kayak rack that needs the smallest amount of installation effort. These belts secure the inside and outside of a car. a disposable pad that can be removed quickly.

7. What length is ideal for a kayak rack?

The most secure kayak rack arrangements are those with specific crossbar attachment points and J- and V-shaped cradles for the boats. The kayak will be tied down with cam straps. Two straps at least twelve feet long are required.

How to Build a Kayak Rack – Conclusion

If you need your Kayak to keep going for quite a while, you should store them the correct way. This article on how to build a kayak rack will help you to not just be chopped down the capacity to be able to cost yet, in addition, modify the rack’s plan and aspects relying upon the quantity of kayaks accessible. We hope that this How to build a Kayak rack guide may be helpful to you with a lot of choices as you set out on your own DIY kayak rack project.

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