Best Kayak for Kids


If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity for your kids, kayaking is a great option. Not only does it provide an opportunity to enjoy nature and get some exercise, but it also helps to build confidence and independence in children. However, finding the right kayak for your child can be a daunting task, given the range of options available on the market.

We’ve put up this quick guide on the 11 best kayaks for kids of different ages after spending a lot of study about the topic, researching & reading. It will help you develop your child’s enjoyment of paddling.

Top 3 Picks – Best Kayaks for Kids 2023

Budget Pick
Intex Challenger K1 Kid Kayak
  •  Material: PVC
  • Included Item: Air Pump, ‎Kayak, Oars, and repair patch
  • Weight: 27.2 pounds
  • 274 X 76 X 33 cm
  • Sport Type: Kayaking
Editor’s Choice
Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak
  • Material: ‎Hard Shell
  • Included Item: Paddle
  • Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Length: 6″
  • Sport Type: Kayaking
Top Rated
Perception Hi-Five
Kids Kayak
  • Material: ‎Polyethylene
  • Included Item: Paddle
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Length: 6′
  • Sport Type: Outdoor Lifestyle, Boating, Kayaking

Buyer’s Guide

Things Should Be Considered Before Choosing The Best Kayak For Kids

Both kid and adult kayaks are based on factors including durability, storage capacity, mobility, adaptability, and affordability.

Plus, starter kayaks and the finest kayaks for children have a lot more in common than you would imagine. Both “groups” are just starting out on their kayaking adventures and have comparable demands. Choosing the best kids kayak for children is a little easier than choosing one for yourself. Here are the most important considerations:


Unlike adult kayaks, children’s kayaks are usually relatively short. The majority of children’s kayaks will be utilized on moderate, sluggish rivers or flat open water. There’s no need to be concerned about boat lengths or varieties that aren’t common. 

As a result, short kayaks are the most user-friendly for children. They turn better, are lighter, and thus are easier to move than longer kayaks. 

You’ll probably like to check weight limits to ensure the boat is appropriate for your youngster. Some starter kayaks may also have height ratings to aid with kid sizing.

The Child’s Age

Kayaking may engage the interest of children of all ages. One of the most crucial things for a youngster to have before they start kayaking is a basic grasp of the water as well as its risks.

When kayaking, children must wear a life jacket and be able to swim. A couple of kayaks on the rundown are reasonable for kids as soon as five to six years of age. Think about taking small children out on the kayak with you in the event that they are intrigued. Many kayaks also incorporate a middle seat for children.

The length of the kayak you wish to buy may also be determined by your child’s age. Anything longer than six feet is likely to be too tough for a small kid to handle and operate on their own.

Capacity & Weight

In general, you should acquire your child the lightest watercraft possible. Although it’s unlikely that they’ll be paddling alone, you don’t want to shackle them with a 50-lbs boat that they wouldn’t be able to transfer if the need arose.

When it comes to the total weight of the kayak, most boats designed for youngsters can only handle up to 150 pounds. Assuming your youngster will not be angling while out there on the sea, this is a good target to shoot at.


Albeit this isn’t actually required, it would be great if your lesser kayak of decision would some way or another be connected to your own boat.

Other than this adding a significant security net, you can likewise consider it a valuable instrument during the educational experience – when you show your kids how to swim or ride a bicycle, you hold them and let them make a cursory effort prior to releasing them. 

Having the option to attach the kayak to a boat you’ll be controlling and allowing them to rehearse their rowing may be an extraordinary method for kicking them off.


Polyethylene is the safest decision whenever it comes to selecting a component for a kids’ boat because it is both light and robust, as well as economical and weather resistant.

If you are certain that your chosen lake or river is free of obstacles, you could go for an inflatable. 

These are more comfortable, and if the construction is sturdy sufficient (also see Intex Challenger K1), although if the youngster hits something, the boat will most likely bounce right off.


Kayaks are available in inflatable or solid models, and also sit-in or sit-on-top options. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Sit-in models, for example, are easy to maneuver but could add water if they tip. Parents also believe that solid kayaks are better than inflatable kayaks, however, today’s inflatable kayaks are made to last & take up such little storage space. You should choose between an inflatable kayak and a hardshell kayak based on what matters most to you and the children.


The stability of a kayak is influenced by its hull form and breadth. Look for a large flat bottom and pontoon hull if you’re more concerned about your youngster toppling over than going quickly. The more tipsy versions move quicker, which may be too rapid for a young novice. And, no matter how sturdy the kayak is, make sure your kids have all the protective gear they need to keep out of harm’s way while out on the water.

Important Factors to Consider When Taking Child for Kayaking

You are the one in particular who realizes your kids best, in this way you are the one in particular who can pass judgment on the off chance that they are prepared for kayaking. When considering whether or not your child is able for kayaking, keep the following in mind:

If your youngster isn’t a strong swimmer, you might want to hold off on jumping right into kayaking. Before you ask your kids to keep a kayak afloat, be sure they can keep themselves floating in the water.

Another item to think about is your own kayaking ability. To help your child master the technique, you’ll need to offer them extremely precise directions, so if you don’t know anything about kayaking, either wait to teach them or hire another more experienced kayaker to assist them.

Safety Equipment

Again, it’s a very apparent one, but before putting your kids out on the water, you might just want to acquire them a life jacket and other floating gear.

Even though the kayaking goes smoothly, your youngster will most likely want to swim at some point, turning your day from a kayaking session to an evening spent bouncing around in the sea.

That’s all there is to understand about the ideal kayaks for children!  Whatever you do, keep in mind that safety should always come first while kayaking (especially for adults), so if you’re planning to present your kids to the great world of kayaking, do it correctly!

Is Your Child Truly Prepared?

It’s crucial to make sure your youngster has some experience paddling with you or choosing to spend time at sea in general before you purchase their own kayak. This may sound self-evident, but if nobody in the group has ever kayaked before, don’t simply toss them out there. Begin with calm seas.

Only after you have a lot of experience kayaking with your kids should you proceed to faster currents. If not, inquire around at sports goods stores, park organizations, or park services for the most kid-friendly spots. It’s never too late to get your kids started as long as they’re interested and capable. Always keep safety in mind!

Allow your children to go out on the sea only once you’re certain they’re fully safe. To accomplish this, practice escapes and rescues and spend time studying so that your children are entirely at ease. Ensure your children are wearing sunscreen and proper dress.

Types Of Kayaks For Kids

There are many different kinds of kayaks that are listed below.

Solo Vs Tandem Kayak

A solo kayak is designed for 1 person, whereas a tandem kayak allows 2 or 3 individuals.

Recreational vs. Touring Kayak

Both the touring and recreational kayaks are different from each other.
as recreational kayaks are used for a fun activities. It features flatter hulls and is shorter in length. These kayaks are excellent for kayaking on calm lakes and rivers. On the other hand, Touring kayaks can go over great distances with ease since they are thinner & longer compared to recreational boats.

Inflatable vs. Hard-Shell Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are very easy to carry and transport because you can fold them into your backpack. In addition to being quicker and more stable, traditional kayaks typically have greater tracking, making it simpler to maintain them straight in the sea.

White Water vs. Ocean Kayak

In comparison to longer kayaks, whitewater kayaks are often shorter or have flat, shallow-v chine hulls. This makes them easier to turn & maneuver.  Whitewater boats for kids are more compact & lightweight than adult models. In contrast, Ocean kayaks are mostly used for traveling. Because there won’t be a flowing torrent to propel you across the ocean, you should focus on your physical stamina. To go through the water effectively, you should have a v-shaped hull with a long kayak.

Sit-On-Top Kayak

A sit-on-top kayak is a great option for beginner kayakers because it lacks an enclosed cockpit. Sit-on-top kayaks are, in my view, the ideal boats for children.

The user must master complicated bailing maneuvers if they roll over in enclosed cockpits, which is why. It is simpler to get on and off a sit-on-top kayak since it resembles a floating platform. Because of their flatter hulls, sit-on-top kayaks are often more steady than sit-inside kayaks (bottoms).

Sit-Inside Kayak

Children who are older or who have great paddling ability should use sit-in kayaks since they have an enclosed cockpit. Sit-inside kayaks can be more tricky to get into and out of, and because of their usually more v-shaped hulls, they might seem unsteady.

11 Best Kayak For Kids 2023 Reviewed & Rated

1- Quikpak K1 from Sevylor


  • Max Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Weight: 20.28 lbs
  • Length: 8′ 7′′
  • Width: 36′′

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By default, this Sevylor Quikpak is one of the finest starting kayaks for kids due to its ease of setup.

Even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to cause this thing to leak, as well as the tarpaulin bottom gives some of the greatest protection from pebbles and other annoyances at this price point. The kayak’s body is also no slouch, with a PVC covering that makes it suitable for lakes and rivers.

The boat has various air chambers to calm the worries of worried parents, ensuring that it will remain solvent even if you suffer a puncture for any reason.

There’s light, and then there’s this kayak in terms of mobility. The youngster should have no trouble bringing the boat to wherever he or she will be paddling because it folds into an 18-lbs backpack (about the same weight as a typical school bag).

The backpack is also unfurled and utilized as a seat for the kayak. Although this is a smart idea, the seat is unlikely to be as comfy as inflatable seating.

Because the Quikpak K1 is built of 21-gauge PVC, it can resist the stress and exposure that recreational kayaking brings. In addition, the tarpaulin bottom may provide further protection from scraping and bumping against a submerged obstruction. 

This inflatable kayak contains many air chambers to avoid a catastrophic catastrophe if one of them is accidentally ruptured.

Reasons to Buy

  • Setup time is about 5 minutes
  • Backpack system that converts to a seat PVC 21 gauge with a tarpaulin bottom
  • There are several air chambers
  • Valves with two locks
  • Footrests with many positions

Reasons to Avoid

  • The kayak’s weight capacity appears to be inadequate
  • The skegs on this boat, however, are too tiny

We had to include a further Lifetime kayak on the list of the best kayaks for kids since teenage boats don’t come close. The product has all of the characteristics that a beginning kayaker needs to get started on their first trip.

2- Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak


  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 lbs
  • Weight: 18-pound
  • Length: 6′
  • Width: 24′′

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The boat is just around 6 feet in length, which is perfectly what the youngster requires for the reasons that follow. The adjustable footrests provide you some flexibility if your youngster is on the higher side, and the swim-up step is a great feature for any kids’ boat.

HDPE boats are one of the most impact-resistant ones can find, as our constant praise of polyethylene, boats have made plainly evident. Even by my children’s kayak standards, the kayak weighs approximately 20 lbs and can accommodate up to 120 people, and the side grips make it incredibly portable.

The Lifetime Wave has a rear “swim-up step” so paddlers may jump on from the water, which is ideal for youngsters who enjoy swimming. Your youngster won’t have to worry about the boat filling up with water thanks to the self-draining scupper holes.

The Wave Youth kayak’s “dual fin” design makes it easier to handle and paddle for younger paddlers. It’s also a boat that can grow along with the child, thanks to several molded-in footrests.

This Lifetime Wave Youth 6-footer is one of the finest inexpensive kayaks for kids, which is a must for budget-conscious parents. It also comes with a paddle.

The best part about buying a Lifetime Boat is that you can quickly modify it; you can get the best Lifetime Kayaks accessories here.

Reasons to Buy

  • Paddling comfort with an ergonomically contoured deck
  • UV-protected HDPE shell for extra toughness
  • Rest your paddle in this molded paddle cradle
  • It is quite stable because of the reverse chine
  • In any situation, the twin-fin design ensures superb tracking

Reasons to Avoid

  • Long travels are not recommended
  • There is no backrest

This Lifetime Wave Youth six-foot boat is an excellent first kayak for small children. Overall, this kayak offers many features that make it much easier to use.

3- GoPlus 6FT Youth Kayak(shorter tour kid kayak) 


  • The capacity of 121 pounds
  • It has a weight of 22 pounds
  • The dimensions are 6.1 x 2.1 ft
  • Width: 14″

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GoPlus’ Wave — a 6.1-foot SOT made of high-density polyethylene – is another affordable kids kayak.

This GoPlus kid’s kayak can facilitate growing kayakers – up to five-foot-three, to be sure – thanks to its adjustable footrests with a 121-pound capacity. Its beamwidth of slightly over 2 feet offers more stability while also providing more space on the deck. And it has a cup holder built-in.

It barely weighs 22 pounds, making it extremely portable. On that topic, the back wheel – as well as the front handle for towing – is a fantastic addition.

But, for some reason, I don’t think it compares well to other comparably-priced children’s kayaks.

This kid kayak provides exceptional durability plus corrosion resistance by being constructed of odor-free & non-toxic HDPE material. 

A child can simply maneuver this boat since it has a front carry handle and two rear casters. In addition, two side handles make it easier to carry from different orientations.

This sit-on-top kayak is perfect for usage in a pool, river, lake, or calm sea.

The kayak’s bright hue makes it simpler for parents to constantly check on it when it’s out on the broad water. You may travel with the kayak by tying it to a car top or storing it inside the vehicle.

Reasons to Buy

  • Primary stability is ensured by the short and broad shape
  • Footrests that may be adjusted as your kid grows
  • Towing handles on the front
  • For mobility, there is a back wheel
  • Extra spaces are situated at the front and back of the construction

Reasons to Avoid

  • It doesn’t quite match up to other kayaks in the same price range
  • The seat has no padding at the bottom
  • Extended kayaking sessions might not be as pleasant

Most child paddlers will be satisfied with GoPlus’ performance, but if I’m being entirely honest, there are other better kids’ kayak alternatives at this price point.

4- Intex Challenger K1 Kids Kayak


  • The Capacity: 175 lbs
  • Has a weight of 27.2 pounds
  • The size is 274 X 76 X 33 cm
  • Construction is made of vinyl

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This Intex Challenger K1 is significantly longer than the normal child’s kayak at 9 feet, but with a weight restriction of 175-pounds, they’ll be able to use it for years. You may also take this out for paddling now and again!

This Intex Challenger K1 is a popular kayak that has appeared in several of our roundup reviews, including the best affordable kayak, finest lightweight boat, best inflatable kayak, and best beginning kayak, to mention a few. 

It’s easy to understand why it may be one of the finest child kayaks too, given its heritage.

To the extent that solace goes, the inflatable seat and hassock are among the most agreeable out of the entirety of our picks. Additionally, the I-bar floor was planned in view of fledglings, since you’d truly need to make a solid attempt to flip this thing over.

This sit-in kayak is made of puncture-resistant vinyl and features two independent air chambers for “back-up” in the event one pops. It has a solid and comfortable on-the-water feel thanks to the I-beam floor with a 2.5-foot beam width, which is ideal for young novice paddlers.

It barely weighs 27.2 pounds, so older children should be able to carry it on their own. However, it is a sit-inside inflatable kayak, which may make the entrance and exit more difficult.

Reasons to Buy

  • A paddle, hand pump, and tote bag are included in this beginner’s package
  • Stability is provided via a rigid I-beam floor as well as a reasonably broad beam
  • To keep any stray stuff, there’s a storage container at the bow protected by a bungee net
  • Constructed of lightweight but puncture-resistant material

Reasons to Avoid

  • The paddle that comes with it is a little flimsy
  • On hot days, vinyl may get unbearably hot
  • The sit-inside design may be more difficult to enter and escape

Overall, the inflatable kayak is not only inexpensive & available at in affordable price, but it also provides a really easy method to get your children out on the lake.

5- Old Town Heron Junior Kids Kayak


  • The capacity is 115 pounds
  • It is 26 pounds in weight
  • The dimensions are 7.4 x 2.1 ft
  • Polyethylene structure with a single layer

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This children’s kayak is a sit-in type with a huge cockpit opening for easy entry and exit. It’s small and solid, and it’s incredibly easy to manage because it’s designed to fit a child’s body. 

It’s buoyant enough to sustain people weighing up to 115 pounds, making it appropriate for a wide variety of ages, from toddlers to teens. Its brightly colored style is ideal for children, and you can clearly see it from afar for monitoring and safety.

This kid-friendly sit-in kayak has the same appearance and feels as a genuine kayak. It’s made of lightweight single-layer polyethylene and is swift and nimble enough to keep even the most expert youngster paddlers entertained. 

It’s also small enough to move easily. If you need to bring the exhausted youngster back to the shore after just a long day on the water, the towing feature comes in handy.

Sit-in kayaks, especially for beginning paddlers, might be scary when compared to sit-on kayaks. This kayak’s huge open cockpit makes it simple to enter and exit and the operator will not feel confined or claustrophobic. 

Also, it makes it the perfect first boat for a youngster who might want to explore kayaking more seriously and try.

Reasons to Buy

  • The cockpit is open and shaped to suit the body of a youngster
  • For its size, it is nimble, agile, and efficient
  • For convenient transporting, there are carry handles on the bow and stern
  • A Tag-Along tow mechanism is included
  • For further stability, foam billets are used

Reasons to Avoid

  • The paddle should have come with this pricing
  • It may be prohibitively expensive for some
  • For youngsters who have never done anything like this before, this is not the ideal option

The Old Town Heron Junior is an excellent middle-level change kayak for kids who like kayaking but aren’t quite old enough for a grown-up kayak and instead require their own.

6- Pelican Solo 6 Feet Youth Sit-on-top Kayak


  • The capacity of 100 pounds
  • It has a weight of 19 pounds
  • Length : 6 ft. x 2 ft
  • Polyethylene structure with a single layer

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The Pelican Solo is a highly effective sit-on-top kayak that has been shrunk down to a kid-friendly size of 6 feet in length & 19 pounds.

It’s made of impact-resistant RAM-XS material, with self-bailing scupper holes integrated into the hull, and a big, 2-foot-wide deck with both a rear swim-up space, and an inbuilt paddle holder, but no seat. This, along with the 100 lbs weight capacity, makes it ideal for smaller kayakers and shorter journeys.

This so-called Twin Tunnel hull offers improved stability to the boat, almost minimizing the possibility of capsizing. But here’s my favorite part:

It includes a paddle for youngsters as well as a safety flag.

It’s a youngster boat assuming we’ve at any point seen one. So, the cockpit is significantly more agreeable than you could anticipate from taking a gander at it, and the swim-up deck gives you something to take hold of in the event that you want to push the kayak yourself.

The guiding on this polyethylene kayak is great, and with a load of around 19 pounds, moving it around ought to be no difficulty by any means.

On top of all that, the Pelican Solo arrives in an assortment of eye-popping tones so you never forget about your youngster, and there’s even a “security banner” tossed in just in case.

Reasons to Buy

  • It’s ultra-lightweight and simple to use
  • The hull design of the Twin Tunnel enhances stability
  • Large deck with a swim-up step in the back
  • Included are a safety flag and a paddle for children

Reasons to Avoid

  • Separately, a cushioned seat bottom must be ordered
  • Longer paddling expeditions are not recommended
  • The paddle will undoubtedly need to be changed

Pelican Solo child kayak is the way to get if you want the very greatest good value youth kayaks – complete with paddles and a safety flag.

7- Lifetime Hydros Angler 85 Fishing Kayak


  • Maximum capacity: 225 lbs
  • Weight: 38 lb
  • Length: 8′ 5″ in
  • Material: Plastic

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You might be tempted to get a more traditional, “adult” boat if your youngster already knows the basics of kayaking. The Lifetime Hydros Angler likewise works as a lesser kayak, providing your youths with a sample of what rowing in the major leagues is like.

Although it appears to be a bit simple at first appearance, this kayak has everything you might desire in an intermediate-level kayak. 

The swim-up deck with bungee lacing space is always a bonus, even at just over 8.5 feet long, your youngster can gain a feel for paddling a genuine kayak while still being capable of utilizing it in a small body of water.

Because of the polyethylene construction, this item is virtually impenetrable to punctures and UV rays. When it comes to teaching your kids something new like kayaking, safety is key, and we can assure you that the Hydros Angler has enough of it.

This Lifetime Hydros Kayaks is a “sit-on-top” kayak with excellent stability and safety. This kayak is composed of high-density polyethylene that has been blow-molded and is UV-protected and impact-resistant (HDPE).

It’s easy to transfer to and from the shoreline, thanks to its 35-pound weight, front T-handle, and handy center carry handle.

 This kayak includes more than enough “extras” to improve the paddling experience, like shock cord restraints and different footrest configurations.

Reasons to Buy

  • There are numerous footrest placements available
  • With bungee lacing and a molded-in swim-up deck
  • A backrest that can be adjusted. T-handles are used for transportation
  • A kayak is a hybrid of a recreational and a fishing kayak
  • Super-compact, easy-to-carry, and super-lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • Maximum weight capacity is minimal
  • There are no hatches for dry storage
  • The seat is uncomfortable and needs to be replaced
  • A little plain in appearance

This lightweight and tiny Lifetime kayak could be the nicest present you could ever offer to an adolescent who enjoys kayak fishing!

8- Perception Prodigy XS Kids Kayak


  • The capacity of 150 pounds
  • It is 26 pounds in weight
  • The dimensions are 10 x 1.9 ft
  • Polyethylene rotomolded structure

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For as long as I can remember, this Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 was the go-to sit-in kayak for kids, but it was discontinued a few years ago, creating a void in the market. New Precision Prodigy XS has here, and all hail the new ruler!

This junior kayak is a shining illustration of how the greatest kayaks for kids may seem. Aside from the 150-pound capacity, the Prodigy XS feels and looks like a little sit-on-top adult kayak. Nothing at all screams “designed for kids,” so your little one will feel like an expert.

The 10-footer from Perception is made of rotomolded polyethylene and weighs in at only 26 pounds. More significantly, it’s designed for stability, performance, plus comfort – all of which will enhance your child’s confidence and inspire them to practice paddling.

It’s beyond astounding, with built-in buoyancy foam in the front and back, quick-adjust footrests that expand with the child, and comfort-oriented features.

This device is quick, though – perhaps too fast for youngsters who have never kayaked before.

Reasons to Buy

  • With confidence-inspiring steadiness, it’s agile and nimble
  • The sit-inside design shields you from the elements
  • Built-in buoyancy at the front and back footrests that alter quickly respond to growth spurts

Reasons to Avoid

  • The sit-inside may be inaccessible to younger paddlers
  • Not recommended for children who have never kayaked before
  • For a kid’s kayak, it’s a little too fast

The Prodigy XS has a more refined feel than the typical children’s kayak. These are the ideal kayaks to acquire if you’re raising a young kayaking prodigy – pun intended! — This is considered a fantastic starter boat.

9- Perception Hi-Five Kids Sit on Top Kayak


  • The capacity of 120 pounds
  • It has a weight of 21 pounds
  • Length: 6 ft. x 2 ft
  • Construction is made of polyethylene

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Perception is a tried-and-true method. Hi-Life — the 6-foot, kid-sized variant – is also worthy of notice. This one appears to become the most sophisticated of all the boats for youngsters I’ve discussed:

This 21-lbs polyethylene hull is shaped in such a manner that it offers a unique kayaking experience. By definition, it’s a kayak, however, the open cockpit plus huge front deck area is ideal for stand-up sea kayaking. 

It’s a no-lose situation!

It also features a rear swim-up step, which adds to the enjoyment, as well as a built-in towing mechanism for when the kids become weary. Oh, and this can support up to 120 lbs.

To top it off, the kayak’s molded side handles in the bow or center make transferring the kayaks to and from the seat a breeze. The central carry handle also serves as a self-bailing scupper hole as well as a way to protect the kayaks with a cable lock, if not triple duty.

Reasons to Buy

  • A kid-friendly kayak/SUP combination
  • It comes with a paddle that is suitable for children
  • Multiple footrest positions with molded foot support
  • There is a swim-up deck as well as an ample standing space
  • Towing mechanism built-in

Reasons to Avoid

  • Beginners and extremely young paddlers may find it too difficult
  • Deck mats that prevent slipping must be purchased separately
  • There isn’t a cushioned padded seat included

If you want to introduce your children to kayaking & paddle boarding, the Perception Hi-Five raft hybrid is the way to go.

10- MaxKare Youth Kayak


  • 121-pound capacity (54 kg)
  • 20.5-pound weight (9.29 kg)
  • 6′ 1″ in length (185 cm)
  • 24.6′′ in width

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The MaxKare brand of kayaks is less well-known than some of the others on this list, but if you’re searching for a genuine junior kayak, this is a great choice. The MaxKare should be easy to use for children aged five and up.

There are 3 footrest positions to let your youngster have a more customized fit. The foldable backrest makes it simpler for a youngster to travel for longer periods of time, and the design also aids with good balance and paddling postures.

Cupholders and storage compartments are also included with the MaxKare. It’s a little model that youngsters can handle on their own. There are grips on both sides of the MaxKare, in contrast to the front lifting handle, to make it simpler to pull or move it about. 

This kayak is very simple to control and maintain; it was designed with the younger paddler in mind.

The HDPE construction ensures unrivaled durability for a kayak of this price, as well as the drainage openings inside the cockpit area, ensuring that all of the important sections stay dry or above water. 

Furthermore, its grooved cockpit will protect your child from practically all sides, as well as the adjustable backrest is the most comfortable on our list.

The kayak weighs approximately 20 pounds, so transporting it is a breeze, and there are a few thoughtful extras like cupholders as well as carry handles that elevate it from good to fantastic. 

The sole drawback is the kayak’s limited weight capacity of roughly 120 pounds, which limits it to use as a first kayak for a grade-schooler.

Reasons to Buy

  • Children’s-oriented design
  • Cupholders and storage
  • Even the younger youngster will like it
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustability

Reasons to Avoid

  • The tracking system isn’t very good
  • Eventually, children will outgrow it

The MaxKare kids’ kayak is designed to handle a maximum limit of 121 lbs and is appropriate for children aged five to ten. It’s also appropriate for children who are 5’3″ or shorter.

 11- Emotion Sparky Youth Kayak


  • 140-pound weight capacity
  • 22-pound weight
  • 6 feet in length
  • 24-inch width

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This Emotion Sparky kid Kayak might be a fantastic first kayak for your youngster. It’s a 6-foot sit-on-top designed for children aged five and up. With a weight capacity of 140 pounds, your child might use it for several years until they need something with a bit more room for their growing legs.

It boasts a large open seating space with built-in footrests and even a tiny cargo deck at the front so the child may bring along some necessities. Additionally, there is a built-in cup rack in the middle of the cockpit so that the kid may keep the water bottle nearby.

Under adult supervision, the Emotion Sparky is suitable for a variety of waterways, including lakes, quiet bays, and, if the sea is calm, a day at the beach. It has a V-shaped hull that is meant to be strong and stable, a toggle grip at the bow, and molded side handles.

Reasons to Buy

  • For children, it is lightweight
  • Control is simple
  • Paddlers of various sizes can use the molded seat and footrests
  • Transport is made simple with the side handles and bow handles toggle

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no backrest
  • It’s possible to get uneasy
  • Can become less stable

The Emotion Sparky Junior Kayak is indeed an entry-level kayak that is ideal for children, teenagers, and tiny paddlers of all levels.


Q1- What Is the Best Way To KAYAK with Kids?

It’s suggested to initiate with a 2-person kayak so that you and your youngster can practice paddling together and gain confidence. When it’s time to transition to a single children’s kayak, start with a calm pond and small lake or practice capsizing so they know how to get back on. Furthermore, always bring additional supplies like extra food, dry clothing, plus lots of water with you.

Q2- Where Can I Kayak With My Kids?

This question’s response is mostly determined by your child’s ability level. The tranquil waters of ponds or small lakes will make young children or those in the planning stage feel considerably more at ease. As their self-assurance and experience levels increase,

Q3- What Are Some Kayaking Safety Tips For Kids?

The most important thing to remember is that you should always use a flotation device. In addition, when kayaking with children, always remain in calm waters, especially whether they are beginners to paddling. Finally, educate your children on basic paddling methods and ensure that they are appropriately attired for the exercise.

Q4- What kayaks size are suitable for kids?

Kayaks designed specifically for children are clearly the best option, and this size relates to 6-9 feet long & approximately 25 inches wide. It’s also preferable if a kayak is lightweight so that your youngster or adolescent can easily operate it.

Q5- Is kayaking safe for kids? When should a youngster start learning to kayak?

While your kid may sit in kayaks securely under parental guidance at any age, between both the ages of 7 to 10, they’re considering safety to practice on their own.

Final Verdict – Best Kayak for Kids in 2023

Paddling with children can be a lot of fun, especially when you share a tandem and create lasting family memories. But now they’re ready to go solo — with your supervision, of course – so they require the finest kayak for kids.

Any of the kid boats on my list are a safe bet – after all, you know your youngster better than anybody. However, this Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle retains my vote. Sure, some of the more complex features make Lifetime’s kid’s kayak seem a little rudimentary, however, hear me out: There are many alternatives available, but we believe that these 10 provide the best overall performance.

You won’t find as much functionality, safety, and enjoyment in such a little, easy-to-use package anywhere else, especially at this price.

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