Kayaking with Apple Watches

Kayaking with Apple Watches – Top 4 Kayaking Apps in 2023

You can get adventurous guidance from your Apple Watch. I sincerely hope you guys appreciate these awesome suggestions and techniques for using Apple Watches when Kayaking.

Utilizing your smartwatch to measure daily workout time & calorie burn may be entertaining. You may use it to establish daily objectives for yourself and achieve them. Excellent physical exercises to attain such aims is paddle boarding. To increase strength and stability, it works a variety of muscles. What’s the best way for kayaking with Apple Watches in 2023?

When you paddle board while wearing an Apple watch, it will track your moves and advancement toward your objectives. The best way to monitor your workout is to launch the “Routine” app and choose a “Paddling” workout because the watch can’t tell what you’re doing.

Due to its numerous distinctive features, the Apple Watch is highly well-liked by customers. This includes thorough fitness monitoring that provides a variety of training options and keeps track of the time, active calories burnt, active activity minutes, and distance traveled throughout a workout. The watch allows you to efficiently keep track of the paddle boarding session & set greater goals.

Is the Apple Watch Actually Waterproof?

Is the Apple Watch actually waterproof?
Photo by Ingo Joseph

Although none of the Apple watches are waterproof, they all are water-resistant.

Waterproofing is different from being water resistant. A waterproof object is completely impenetrable to water.

Water cannot enter a waterproof watch since it is totally sealed. Even under the intense pressure that exists in those depths, you may carry it there and it will remain sealed and water-protected.

A water-resistant watch, however, deflects some or most water. There are some gaps in its moisture-proofing, nevertheless. It can thus resist a little water. A watch that is water-resistant, for instance, may be worn in the rain without risk of harm.

In a similar vein, a water-resistant watch won’t be ruined by sprays of water when you are washing your hands. There are many levels of water resistance. Only minor exposure to water, such as what occurs when you wash your hands and experience rain, will keep certain watches from being harmed.

Other watches could have additional resistance, enabling you to use them while swimming or even taking a shower. The watch fully immerses itself in the water when swimming.

It is merely splash-resistant if it cannot be utilized while submerged in water.

Even when swimming, your watch won’t often be immersed in deep water. In ordinary swimming pools, the majority of swimmers don’t stay in the water for very long when it’s deeper than 5 to 10 feet.

As you dive farther beneath the ocean, the water has higher pressure. Water-resistant timepieces find it more difficult to withstand the water and stay intact due to this added pressure.

There are different levels of water resistance even among submersible watches. For instance, some watches may withstand immersion up to 30 meters (98 feet), while others may only be waterproof up to 100 meters (328 feet), after which they would become inoperable based on the water pressure.

Even watches rated for 100 meters of water resistance, meanwhile, will undoubtedly start to malfunction there if you leave them there for any length of time. The ability to endure at such depth may have been tried only once or for a little length of time, but not for very long. Why are any of these things relevant? You’ll be better able to determine what the Apple Watch is able of being submerged in water if you understand the difference between waterproof & water-resistant watches.

Series 1 Apple Watches

Series 1 Apple Watches
Photo by Lloyd Dirks

Water and splash resistance is shared by Apple Watches from the first generation to Series 1. Apple cautions against using them while swimming and submerging them in water, though, since you run the risk of harming them.

It won’t cause much of a problem if you only do it once and twice for a short while. Your Apple Watch is unlikely to be harmed. The potential of harm is significant, though, if you make it a habit. Even while routinely washing your hands or in the rain, it is OK to wear it.

Series 2 and Subsequent Apple Watches:

The water resistance of Apple Watches Series 2 is stronger, though. Consequently, you can immerse them in water, but only up to a shallow depth. They really have a 50-meter water resistance rating (around 164 feet). You shouldn’t truly try to push these ratings to their boundaries, as I’ve already stated.

You may use the Apple Watch Series 2 while swimming in the pool. The Apple Watch won’t sustain any harm in most swimming pools thanks to its 50-meter water resistance certification. Even swimming is permitted in the water so long as you don’t dive all the way to the bottom.

With the Apple Watch, you shouldn’t, however, do scuba diving. Additionally, you shouldn’t wear it when water skiing because that would expose the watch to fast water.

How to Avoid Water Ingress to the Kayaking with Apple Watch

Whether you elect to wear a Series 1 or Series 2 Apple Watch while kayaking, it’s critical to take good care of it.

Many individuals don’t realize that water resistance is one property that doesn’t stay indefinitely. Your watch’s seal starts to deteriorate with time as a result of increased water exposure.

In order to keep your Apple Watch’s ability to withstand water, there are a few things you should not do.

Things That Can Damage the Seal on Your Apple Watch

Even the more water-resistant Apple Watch Series 2, as I’ve already said, isn’t made for exposure to fast-moving water, such as while water-skiing. You should also avoid other things when wearing an Apple Watch, though.

Before visiting a sauna and steam room, Apple also advises taking off your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is also particularly vulnerable to damage from soapy water. Therefore, even though the Series 1 & Series 2 Apple Watches are splash-resistant, it’s crucial to avoid wearing them while taking a shower unless you’re using just plain water and no soap.

Body wash, shampoo, and soap might damage your Apple Watch. Other things that might weaken the watch’s water resistance are listed below:

  1. Detergent.
  2. Fragrance
  3. Repellent for insects.
  4. Lotions & creams
  5. Sunscreen.
  6. Oil.
  7. Hair color.

In order to prevent them from coming into touch with your watch, avoid putting perfume, sunscreen, and insect repellant near the wrist. Kayak enthusiasts frequently carry and apply bug repellant and sunscreen.

The water seal of your watch is regularly impacted and weakened by the chemicals in these substances. You may kayak with your watch without worrying about breaking the seal by providing a barrier with them, which will preserve it in good condition.

If any of those things do get on your Apple Watch, wash it with warm water, then dry it off with a lint-free towel. To remove insect repellants, creams, lotions, etc., avoid using soap.

Because swimming pools frequently contain chemicals, you also must wash the Apple Watch after using it. Use low water pressure and warm, fresh water instead.

It would help if you always used a lint-free dry towel to dry your Apple Watch once it has become wet quickly. Neither heat nor the hot sun should be used to dry it.

Buy a Waterproof Case:

A waterproof case is a wise investment if you want to make sure the Apple Watch will last as long as it can. They are widely available on Amazon and offer an additional layer of defense that might shield your watch from harm in the event that it drops or comes into touch with water.

The waterproof case you select must really function. To make sure the case is of excellent quality, read reviews left by past buyers and check out the images they have submitted.

There may be images of cases that have shattered after routine use in the reviews, or users may comment that it did not shield their watches from water ingress.

Maps by Apple:

Photo by Ron Lach

The iOS version of Google Maps is Apple Maps. You can explore highways and trails using it on Apple Watches. Even while it’s not made expressly for kayakers, it might still be useful in helping you locate a dock or launch site, for instance. You may use it to determine the location of the river, the location of the nearest kayaking place, and the direction.

Top 4 Best Kayaking Apps on an Apple Watch

You can utilize the Apple Watch’s applications to direct your experience if you keep it on while kayaking, which is one benefit. Here are some excellent applications for kayakers.

1. Compass

On Apple Watch SE & Apple Watch Series 5 or above, you may download the useful Compass app. It functions offline and doesn’t require WiFi or a cellular connection to utilize.

Your bearing will be shown in the upper-left corner of the app along with the direction your watch’s top is facing. You may switch the settings on the compass so that it utilizes true north instead of magnetic north.

When the Earth’s magnetic field is aligned with the compass, it will point in the direction of the magnetic north. But when your compass is pointing straight at the North Pole, that is true north. In any case, the Compass app will assist you in determining your direction and preventing loss of direction. In the event that your watch breaks, you might want to acquire a real compass.

2. Weather

You can keep an eye out for rain, freezing temperatures, as well as other weather conditions that aren’t good for paddling with the aid of the Apple Weather forecast on Apple Watch. The optimum time to go on a vacation is when the weather will be most conducive to kayaking.

Even the wind speed, the state of the air, and other things may be seen with it.

Reminder about water:

While kayaking, especially in the summer, it’s important to remain hydrated. Paddling may be a physically demanding exercise, therefore it’s important to stay hydrated. Dehydration increases the risk of heat stroke.

Your daily water intake may be monitored with the aid of a Water Reminder while you’re kayaking.

3. Activity

You can monitor your everyday activity using the Activity app. It’s a great app if you want to kayak and hike at the same time because you can monitor your walking distance, workout time, time spent standing up, and other stats.

Your workout logs’ daily trend will start to be seen after six months. You may achieve your fitness objectives by using the calorie-burning information it provides.

4. Talking device

Walkie Talkie is an additional app that can assist you in maintaining contact with other members of your kayaking party. You may talk with the Apple Watch like a walkie-talkie by just tapping a button.

You should be aware that this app needs a cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connection. I suggest utilizing a cellular connection as you will be outside and you could wind up being too far away from your pal for a Bluetooth connection.

Additionally, this software is not accessible in all locations.


In conclusion, kayaking with Apple Watch can greatly enhance your experience on the water. With features like navigation, emergency SOS, and heart rate monitoring, the Apple Watch provides added safety and convenience for kayakers. Additionally, the numerous kayaking apps available allow you to track your progress, discover new places to kayak, and share your adventures with friends and family. Overall, the Apple Watch is a valuable tool for any kayaker looking to make the most out of their time on the water.

However, at all times be careful and happy paddling!

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