Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit

The Ultimate Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit for Quick Fixes (2023 Guide)

Kayaks are used in order to explore nature, fish, and many other purposes. It is a one-time investment. Good care of inflatable kayaks last long for many years. You can easily repair your inflatable kayak by using the right method and good equipment. You should know what is the material of the kayak.

Kayaks are made up of different kinds of materials and there are so many types of kayaks so, their repairing techniques are also different from each other, and their repairing materials are also different. So keep taking care of your kayaks before going. Good care makes your kayak lifelong and healthy. We have mentioned the top 10 inflatable kayak repair kits in this article.

How to Care for Your Inflatable Kayaks

How to take care of the inflatable kayaks? This thought is always kept in kayakers’ minds after they spend money to buy inflatable kayaks so, Here are some tricks to keep kayaks longevity. 

Store:  if you want a long life for your kayaks then you should store a kayak properly and keep your inflatable kayak in a cool and dry area. You should clean your kayak before placing it in a dry and cool place. Safe if from the sunlight. After cleaning the kayak dry it and make sure no dust or water accumulates in it then you can be ready to go for packing the kayak.

Uv-Protection: keep your kayak safe from UV rays. For UV protection you should use a protectant spray. This will help to keep your kayaks lifelong and healthy. It is easy to use and under your budget. Use this spray to protect your inflatable kayak from sunlight damage

Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals: In order to clean your inflatable kayaks, you should be aware of using harsh chemicals. The harsh chemical can cause damage to the body of your kayak. Always use specific cleaning chemicals that are only used for inflatable kayaks otherwise avoid using other harsh chemicals that will damage the material of the kayak. 

Using Traps: Do not put the kayak in an open area or ground under the sunlight. Keep inflatable kayaks under a cool area and also covered them with traps in order to protect the material of the kayak from damage. 

How to Repair an Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are considered the safest kayak by all kayakers. Also used by rescue services. Repairing your inflatable kayak is not so difficult. You can easily repair your inflatable kayak by yourself. No need to buy the new one it is too easy to repair.  The first thing is to find out where is the fault in the inflatable kayak.

Find the point and look at what type of damage occurs. Inflatable kayaks may have holes in their bladder, springing a leak in inflatable kayaks. You all need a kit for repairing an inflatable kayak and some household items like gloves and scissors. The thing you need to do is mention step by step.

  • Find a leak area 
  • What repairing accessories do you need?
  • How to fix it? Both small and large holes. 
  • How to fix the stem hole?

*Find the leak area most common area where leakage happens is kayak value. You can start with that particular area. There are simple and easy tricks you can use to find the leak area. Take an empty spray bottle add a dishwasher, soap, or any mild detergent and add water in it, spray the value area to find the leak. If the bubbles appear then you will succeed to find that particular area.

Then you can work on it. The same method can use for the surface area of inflatable kayaks the holes are very tiny on the surface of the inflatable kayak so the same method will use for this also. Check one section of the kayaks at one time. It will be easier rather you work on the whole inflatable kayak at the same time it will be very frustrating for you. That is how you can fix leaks in inflatable kayaks

*Some accessories will need when you are going to repair the inflatable kayak. Before gathering the tools you should know how you will patch the inflatable kayak. You will need different materials according to the inflatable kayak. Inflatable kayaks came with a repair patch kit. You will need some accessories for repairing are mentioned.

  • Polythene glue or PVC glue
  • Scissors
  • PVC sheet
  • Spatula

How to Fix Small and Large Holes

To fix the leak, patch the area of inflatable kayaks step by step method to patch small holes as a fellow.

  • After finding the leak area mark that area inflate your kayak and fix it with the help of glue it is only for if the inflatable kayak has small holes. PVC boat glue, waterproof patches, and seal tapes should be used for small holes. 
  • For the large hole, you will have to do insight as well as outside patches. The inside patch is more difficult and tricky you should have enough practice to fix a large inside patch. 

Clean the area, cut the patch 2inch long from the holes, sand down the surface and area of the patch, place the patch on the sanded side of the kayak, put an adhesive layer on the patch, and glue inside the hole, also apply a layer of adhesive on both surfaces, press it properly then leave it until it dries is tricky but you can easily do it by yourself. Now you can stick both surfaces together and leave it for 24 hours.

Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit

There are so many peoples who are worried about when their inflatable kayak gets damaged, dented, or got a hole. You should not worry when this happened because the repair of inflatable kayaks is so simple and easy. You need a good enough repair kit that will fix the inflatable kayak so well. 

Top 10 Kayak Repair Kits

  1. SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Inflatable Boat Repair Kit, 4 X PVC Patch, 2 X 30g Glue.
  2. AquaPro Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit for Vinyl Inflatable & Underwater Gear | Sealer +Cord |
  3. Sea Eagle Small Repair Kit for Inflatable PVC Boats
  4. AquaPro Liquid Patch Waterproof Repair Kit for Vinyl Inflatable & Underwater Gear | Sealer +Cord
  5. Sea dog water sports inflatable boat repair kit 4*PVC patch, 2*30gm glue.
  6. YIPINER 6 pcs boat repair kit with PVC patches set accessory for inflatable boat kayak (grey) 
  7. Waterproof kayak patches raft patch PVC inflatable repair rafts rubber boat repair patches set for inflatable raft boat canoe kayak (Grey 
  8. HILOGREE 5 pack PVC repair patches PVC inflatable repair patches, kayak rafts pool liner patch boat repair waterproof kits for pool patches, inflatable boat raft kayak canoe swimming pools, no glue (Black
  9. GEUNTECH kayak patches raft patch PVC inflatable repair rafts waterproof boat repair patches for inflatable raft boat cameo kaya (Black)
  10.  The pool above heavy duty Vinyl repair patch kit for an inflatable kayak raft kayak air bed sear -Aid Vinyl inflatable repair kit yellow box tape B, single.

Intex Challenger k2 Kayak

Intex challenger k2 kayak carries 2 people. This kayak is good for casual paddling. Intex challenger k2 is suitable for beginners. It is an affordable kayak. Stability and durability both are the basic things that every kayaker wants in their kayaks. Intex challenger has both capabilities having good durability and stability with backrest seats that are adjustable. An inflatable k2 kayak is easy to transport with an I-beam floor which helps the kayak to be stable in water.  

Intex Kayak Repair Kit

It is thin yellow paper with one side of the paper shiny. You can use a kit it is easy to use. Here are some easy steps to follow.

Clean the area of the puncture, cover the area of the hole with the paper then peel the yellow paper in order to reveal the clear patch, place this on the puncture so that can easily be repaired. There are many ways to repair the Intex kayak. if the hole isn’t in the seam and if the hole is in the seam or anywhere. How do you patch the Intex kayak with the repaired kit?

Hole in the Seam

The seam is a very sensitive part of the kayak so you should have used an extra-strong patch in order to repair it. 

Kayaks come with their repair kit. It includes quick fixed glue and patches. Intex kayak needs some special kind of repair kit that fixed inflatable kayak. The first thing is to find where is the hole in your Intex kayak you can find it by an air hissing noise coming from that place and you can also mark the area and put a wet sponge over it if the bubble comes from that particular area then mark it that is how you can find the particular area.

Second step is to clean the area where you marked and make sure the area where the hole is present it should be dry and clean after cleaning and dry the area put the patch over it. 

If you are using the temporary patch then when you apply the patch peel it. Leave for 30 mins. On the other hand, if you are using a repair kit that comes with the Intex challenger k2 kayak then you must have applied the vinyl sheet over it and you should apply vinyl cement glue. The patch must be larger than the hole. For extra safety, you should use seal flex. It is for the inflatable. Put the seal flex insight the value of the kayak and rotate your kayak in all directions in order to all the sides are covered with the seal flex.  

Fix a Leak in Inflatable Kayak

Sometimes we have to phase that situation when a kayak leaks from somewhere. In order to overcome this situation, we should also be aware of how to fix it. First, we should discover that particular area, you should know the material of your kayak then find suitable adhesives, after setting all of these you are ready to fix your inflatable kayak. The size of the hole depends you have to put a patch inside and outside of the inflatable kayak. The patch use insight into the kayak known as the inner patch and the patch used outside the kayak is called the outer patch. 

How to Repair the Canoe

You can repair the canoe and the kayak by following these 2 easy steps.

Step #1: Remove all broken resin and fiber from the canoe surface. remove all the extra features of Gelcoat from that area where you gonna work by using a knife or can also use a chisel.

Step #2: Rub the area with the help of abrasive paper, 120 grit paper is more sufficient for this, then cut reinforcement for repairing the patches for cutting carbon or aramid fabric is difficult. Then for repairing use the right resin for a better result. Polyester and vinyl ester are the best and highly recommended options for a stronger repair. Apply the mixture of resin or epoxy through the damaged area and put reinforcement that is how you can repair your kayak or canoe. 

Sevylor Kayak

Actually, it is a company that makes inflatable boats or kayaks using PVC and Vinyl. Sevylor has a wide range of kayaks, Sevylor kayaks are popular for two reasons:

  1. If you want a long-time kayak.
  2. If you want an affordable kayak.

Sevylor manufactured kayaks for a long time it is affordable you can get them for a cheap amount for adventure and explore nature.  Due to tough competition in kayak manufacturing, Sevylor introduced its all latest version but can not beat the quality of other kayaks for instance sea eagle, Innova, NRS, and so on. Sevylor is good for beginners they can afford the first kayak at a reasonable price. They are light in weight so they can be easy to transport and easy to paddle through the water.

They have also fun paddling canoe. Their inflatable kayaks are also great for recreational paddling. They have a huge variety of sit-on-top kayaks. If you are looking for a great kayak for fishing, day trip, or camping you have the best choice ever Sevylor colorado is the best inflatable canoe with good quality. Sevylor also provides a repair kit with the kayak and canoe. It contains 2 tubes of  PVC glue with the 3 patch that is good for repairing and fixing. Sevylor has fast field repair technology containing contact cement and patching material. 

Guidelines for Controlling Air Leaks in Kayaks

eventing leakage is the greatest method to maintain an inflatable kayaks. A high-quality inflatable kayak will hardly leak on its own. Usually, due to carelessness, an inflatable boat may get leak. Remember the following tips when you use an inflatable kayak.

Avoid Paddling Over Rough Surface

When kayaking on a river, keep your distance from the bank. always avoid kayaking on sharp and rough surfaces. Sticks and fragments of tree trunks are more common there. Even if you brush over them carefully, you risk puncturing your boat.

Avoid High Temprature

If you know you’re heading out in particularly hot weather, inflate your kayak just below the minimum PSI.

While storing your inflatable kayak, keep the weather in mind. It’s recommended to store an inflatable boat half inflated in order to preserve its longevity. Think carefully about the temperature it will encounter and where you inflate the kayak if you want to keep it that way.

Never leave inflatable kayaks out in the sun.

Always Keep Repair Kit

Never go kayaking without a first-aid and repair kit. It allows you to remain out of a difficult situation. It might be excellent to build your repair kit and then keep it in a storage area aboard the boats.

Do Not Drag Your Kayak

One of the easiest ways to rupture the bottom of an inflatable boat is to drag it over hard, sharp tterrainserrain like a rough river bank and beach coast. Sharp glass, pebbles, twigs, or other items can easily harm the kayak even if its bottom has a sturdy surface.

When you’re ready to launch your inflatable kayak, carry it to the edge of the water to avoid this altogether. Always look for soft spots to launch an inflatable boat from, if at all feasible.

Final Verdict for Inflatable Kayak Repair Kit

All we have discussed in this article is how to fix holes in different inflatable kayaks by using kayak repair kit. It is common to get an air leak in an inflatable kayak.

While a leaking inflatable Kayaks is highly exhausting, it is hardly the be-all and end-all problem. Most leaks in an inflatable kayak can be repaired. And if they’re done well, they’ll keep with you for several years.

Last but not least, carefully examine the guidelines that come with the sticky glue & repair kit.

Hopefully, you will get a quick solution to fix it without any frustration. If you have other suggestions that you think I missed you can tell us in a comment. 

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