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How to Store a Kayak Tips & Tricks [Buyer’s Guide 2023]

Before you buy your new kayak one of the main things you ought to ask yourself is how and where you intend to store it. Are you Keeping your kayak at your home? Or planning to store kayaks in the other place of the house or garage or another storage area. 

Assuming you’ve put resources into a kayak, you actually should figure out how to store a Kayak appropriately to guarantee it stays in great working condition. In any case, kayaks are very massive, and that implies tracking down a spot to store them isn’t simple all the time.

Following quite a while of battling to observe the ideal extra room for our kayaks, we realize how precarious it tends to be to track down the right answer for your necessities. Along these lines, to take care of you, we’ve made this extreme aid the most proficient method to store a kayak.

There are a lot of methods to store the kayak, you have to be considered the things that need to be thought about the location and its condition, for instance, the temperature of the environment, UV protection, and security.

Where Should I Store My Kayak?

This is not enough to think that where to store a kayak before you think about where to store the kayak you should know the actual size of the kayak and the space where you want to store it. Regardless of whether you will store the kayak inside or outside?

You should measure the right size of the kayak before buying it and also consider whether the storage space you have in your kayak can be stored there or not. 

Kayaks Store Inside

This is the best way to store a kayak and place it inside of the shed and garage. Store kayaks inside of shed and garage will protect your kayak from harsh weather conditions, Temperature, protect it from UV rays, and Protect it from rainy weather.

To store the kayak indoors, a Locked area such as a garage or shed is the best option to place the kayak. As outrageous hotness can influence the uprightness of the kayak, it’s ideal to be over 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and under 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). Outrageous temperatures ought to be kept away from both momentary stockpiling and long-haul stockpiling. 

Always use a cockpit cover after storing the kayak and place the kayak in an enclosed area where is no wind, no sun rays come insight, and make sure that there is no moisture coming from outside these all are not good for the kayak. They cause damage to the kayak.

You can likewise attempt a roof rack, a kayak derrick, a pulley, or a suspension framework. These are extraordinary ways of augmenting the roof space in your carport or shed.

Tips And Tricks Of Inside Storage

It is best to store the kayak inside that is not protect your kayak safe from deforming and damage like, sunlight, rain, snow, humidity, etc, but that is not enough to store the kayak inside you also have to follow some more precautions to secure the kayak from other damages that can appear inside also. You have to be sure that the weight of the kayak should be balanced evenly. 

Seahorse storage: A Seahorse is a reseller’s exchange stockpiling framework that is extremely well-known among kayak lovers. This covered capacity compartment not just backings the kayak in a legitimate manner, yet it likewise creases up when not being used to hold it back from occupying an excess of room in your carport or storm cellar.

Overhead pulley system:  These frameworks accompany all the equipment you want to securely hang and completely support your kayak to try not to twist or misshape the body of the boat.

Web siling: This is another best way to store the kayak evenly. This method to store kayaks is also a space-saving solution. 

Carrack: You can also use a car rack inside, garage or basement and store the kayak so that the weight of the kayak is evenly distributed. You can place the rack on the ground and also you can place the rack on the wall of the garage and basement. 

Wooden rack: Many companies make wooden racks to store many kayaks in one place. This is also known as j-rack. These wooden racks make it easier to store the kayak and also you can get down your kayak easily without any damage.

How To Store Kayak Inside

If you have a room, indoor storage is the best choice. However, some kayakers choose for a shed, basement, or other storage facilities rather than a garage, which is one of the greatest places to store kayaks. You might even store the kayak there if you have extra space until it’s ready to head out on the lake. How should a kayak be stored in a garage, shed, or another indoor space? To correctly store the kayak, heed some of these top suggestions:

  • Verify that the temperature is under your control.
  • Protect Kayaks from sun damage.
  • Avoid blocking pedestrian pathways.
  • Look for a location with stable air quality and temperature.

The best approach to protect the kayak from damage and theft is to store it indoors, but you should make sure that doing so won’t interfere with your everyday activities, which might be unsafe & inconvenient. If you decide to store the kayak on a wall or a ceiling, you should hang it securely as an added precaution against harming the kayak or others.

How to Store a Kayak Outside

Kayak Shed Outside
Photo by Vladvictoria

If you don’t have enough space to store the kayak inside the garage or shed then you can also place your kayak outside the garage and shed. As we protect our skin from the sunlight we use sunscreen for our skin protection so, in the same way, we need to protect our kayak from the outside condition and sun exposure. 

When you store a kayak outside the garage or shed a few things you should be considered always using a kayak cover, trap shelter, and marine protector by doing the extra protection you will be able to store the kayak last longer. 

You should also need some extra lock security to the kayak when you store the kayak outside. 

Putting away your kayak outside will probably represent extra issues contrasted with putting away it inside, so you should avoid the potential risk to keep dampness out. On the off chance that you’re utilizing a canvas, it can offer better insurance assuming you position it like a tent over your vessel, as this will permit any downpour or snow to slide off and not sit straightforwardly on top of your kayak.

Tips and Tricks for Outside Storage System

To protect your kayak from outside damage you should have to consider all these precautions before storing the kayak outside. 

  • Heavy-duty Traps should be used to secure the kayak from the sunlight, and moist weather, which can cause fungus to the kayak. 
  • A wooden enclosure should be used to secure the kayak from damage.
  • Place the kayak Under a Deck to protect it.
  • You can place the kayak on the freestyle kayak racks.

Store Kayak At Marinas Or the Local Paddling Center

When you don’t have space both inside and outside to store a kayak then you have an amazing option to store the kayak. You can store the kayak at the paddler center or Marinas and kayak outfitters. These places are used to store kayaks if someone does not have space to store kayaks. You can rent a space for your kayak from them. 

Since watersports focuses will regularly have various kayaks and kayaks for lease, they ought to likewise have the legitimate stockpiling answers for every vessel that will safeguard them from the weather conditions in all seasons, as well as keep them in a solid way that ought to keep up with the respectability of the body.

An advantage of putting away your kayak appropriately at a marina or rowing focus is that there ought to be experts close by to have the option to assist you with sending off or in any event, setting up your kayak for capacity in colder months.

Verticle Kayak Storage

Kayaks are long, cumbersomely framed pieces of stuff, so taking care of them in a vertical course can be a brilliant space-saver.

you’ll need to devise a technique for doing as to such an extent that doesn’t put lots of strain on one side of your kayak. You can do this by making a “support” for your kayak that folds over the bow and the brutal. The lower piece of the help should be essentially nothing with the end result of supporting the kayak’s midriff and keeping the bow from reaching the ground.

Then again, you can rest one finish of the kayak on the ground with a lot of cushioning under and afterward tie the other to a divider.

This method is quite difficult because the kayak got pressure on one side which will be not good for the kayak it will cause damage to the kayak this method should be done very carefully a lot of caution is required. 

Importance Of Kayak Storage

No one likes to spend a lot of money every time buying a new kayak every season. You will spend one time buying your favorite kayak for the paddling. And make sure to keep your kayak safe for a long last time. 

There are many reasons to protect your kayak and the importance of its storage.

Protect It From Elements

The kayaks are made up of different types of materials such as fiberglass,  wood, PVC plastic, carbon fiber, and other composites. All these elements can be damaged the Hull over time if you are not going to take care of the kayak in a proper manner. The elements that can cause damage are sunlight, cold weather, snow, rain, heat, wind, and many more. 

Store the kayak in order to avoid all these elements ruining and fading the Hull. you can store the kayak indoors to prevent sunlight. Sunlight can damage all types of materials like wood, fiberglass, polyethylene, and carbon fiber all these materials can be damaged by heat and sunlight. The best way to protect your kayak from UV rays keeps the kayak in a garage or basement. 

If you have no space inside then you can store the kayak outside but to protect the kayak from the sunlight and other elements you should use a trap to cover the kayak. You can also use UV-protective spray to prevent damage.   

Protect It From Damage

If you place the kayak incorrectly that will lead to the kayak deformation. This can be caused due to exposure changing weather and also depend on how you keep it. The weight of the kayak hull should be properly balanced. Incorrect distribution of the weight of the kayak may cause damage to the hull.

 Do not place the kayak on its end, if you do so, the kayak bow and stern shape will be bent and the pressure can cause cracks in the kayak. 

Do not use kayak handles to store the kayak in a hanging position. Grab handles of the kayak is for holding and grabbing the kayak. those grab handles will not be used as a hanging object it will cause damage o the hull.

Security Protection From Theif

Buying a kayak is a one-time investment. You should be very careful when you store the kayak outside. In the event that you intend to store your kayak for a lengthy timeframe, for example, all through the cold and stormy winter season, odds are you will not be determining the status of your kayak consistently, and this can be a formula for likely burglary.

On the off chance that you will not be investigating your kayak, you really must keep it concealed in a locked office that main you and those you trust approach. Locks are an incredible method for hindering criminals and will give you an inward feeling of harmony realizing your kayak is protected. You can use the protective cable to lock the kayak

Protecting Your Personal Safety

The kayaks are heavy in weight so, keep the kayak with the safety that it does not fall on you and other people and cause injury. Using less secure suspension and if you left-leaning the kayak to the wall it will cause injury if the kayak is disbalance and falls from the wall. So, you have to secure the kayak carefully. 


1. How to build a kayak storage rack?

You can make a kayak storage rack by using PVC plastic, and wood there are many diy how to make a kayak storage rack.

2. Should kayak storage be upside down?

Taking care of your kayaks upside down is the best move. A couple of mounts and racks license your kayak to be placed away on its side anyway keeping your kayak upside down will be the most dependable position.

3. Is it Okay to store a kayak outside?

Yes, storing the kayak outside is possible but there are some precautions to be followed before storing the kayak outside.

Final Verdict – Best way to store a kayak

Harm, deformation, corruption, burglary, and individual injury are everything you hazard when you neglect to store your kayak appropriately, which places your speculation and well-being in danger. To keep away from these diseases, follow the master tips we have given here on how to store a kayak properly. In doing as such, you can perpetually be certain your kayak is in incredible condition and persistently anticipate your next huge water experience.

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